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For information on how to use the service or for a simple cancellation of your membership, please see email. If you have any questions, please contact our customer care team. Via email or SMS

1. Membership and registration

11 You may not be a member of A Casual Fling or use the website if
(a) You are under 18 years of age
(b) You are a known stalker
(c) You have ever been convicted of a violent or sexually related criminal offence
(d) You have previously been banned from using the website or similar services.

1.2 You must have a permanent address in Australia in order to register as a member of the website, whether as a free or a paid member.

1.3 When registering as a member of A Casual Fling, you must ensure that all information you provide is accurate and recent. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to notify A Casual Fling of any changes to your information by email via tab on the website.

1.4 You may only have one profile.

1.5 If requested, you must provide us with a form of identification to verify your identity.

1.6 All personal information provided by you to A Casual Fling at the time of your registration will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy.

1.8 You will need to send a brief description of the person you are wanting to meet at a casual fling ( age, gender, size) and your also your age and brief description.

1.9 Members are provide with discreet contacts in their chosen location after paying a join up fee.

20. After you join up you will be sent fling information and contact details. If this does not eventuate through no fault of yours then we will supply a second at no charge.

21. After joining a bonus may be purchased at a discount fee.

22. A Casual Fling has the right to refuse membership.