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A Discreet Dating Club with a Difference

A Casual Fling connecting like minded people who know what they want Effectively catering to your needs in a honest upfront way.

Do you want just a casual fling right now? To gain access to our members available only on secure internal discreet database please contact our consultant between 9 am and 5 pm on 0420611780

Are you yearning for a special connection, some excitement sweet passion a gym partner someone to hang out with, maybe a discreet casual affair and are wondering how do I go about this? Privacy is vital and posting your face all over the internet, hanging out alone at a club or café checking out whoever passes by is definitely not the way to go!

Your preferences matter, a Casual Fling can successfully match you with like-minded and compatible people.

Ladies and Gentleman of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles are matched. Join now and our matchmakers will save you the time and effort looking for someone who is compatible for you.

We offer a variety and selection of diverse members to provide the right match for you.

A Casual Fling is a worldwide dating agency that helps like minded people of all ages, genders and beliefs meet. At a Casual Fling we aim to facilitate this process in a simple and easy way providing a safe way of secretly connecting. This is where honest upfront affairs and friendships can be form and mutual understands can create the perfect interlude.

A Casual Fling is an easy way to find a date a friend for a casual or permanent relationship. We are committed to assisting people of all ages, beliefs and genders, as all people deserve privacy, discretion and like minded special friends.

You might have a passion for going out to watch a movie, playing tennis, flinging a Frisbee on the beach or shooting a hoop and shopping. All these activities are much more fun if you have a friend by your side!

A Casual Fling will give you an opportunity to meet someone who wants what you want and shares your interest. Whether you are looking for a brief encounter, short term or long term partner, this dating agency will meet your needs and give you contacts who are looking for the same discreet connection you want.

We connect couples together every day of every month in countries all over the world.

– Real Single Professionals

In regard to lust, it is a lot simpler to get that special person when you search on the correct dating agency in Australia. The 100’s of members we have at A Casual Fling range in age between 18 up to grey nomads in there 70’s. We believe in the saying ‘age is just a number,’ therefore to us, each person deserves privacy, human contact and to enjoy life every single day, regardless of age!

Our members are serious in their lust to find a special friend for a intimate delicious affair. Our members are from all walks of life with many board housewives, tradesmen, nurses, hospitality staff, and professional individuals who share the desire to have an casual encounter and a discreet and casual affair.

Our customer care team assesses all the latest profiles manually, which makes them stand out from a lot of other dating membership clubs. This ensures that you are guaranteed of just dealing with users whose purpose for dating is genuine and the same as yours.

– Reliable Internet Dating Suggestions

 There is something interesting for each person and it is our ultimate delight to assist you to meet the friend of your dreams!

– Smart Matchmaking

We attempt to meet everyone’s requirements at A Casual Fling. You might be a lady in search of a female or male friend, depending on your preference or a male searching for a female or male friend. The choice is yours as is the commitment be it discreet, private and casual.

It is very simple to pursue perspective friends, lovers or companions. 

– Assurance of Protection and Privacy

We endeavor to ensure that our dating site is safe for our members. A Casual Fling has put in place features to ensure users’ privacy is protected and users have the prerogative to choose when they need to interact with potential partners and which ones they want to interact with.

It is your decision as to what details and photos you send, all we ask of you is that you use recent and real photos, if you wish for your privacy you can blur your face. You will be sent a list of genuine people that we feel will match your requirements, it’s up to you to contact them and have private interaction with users you deem interesting and interact with them privately.

– Outstanding Customer Service

The customer care team we have works hard to ensure that your contacts are genuine; inactive users or insincere ones are excluded from the dating club. In case of any queries you may have in connection with your casual fling, our team is available to help provide answers. A Casual Fling offers you a smooth dating experience as they truly put their users’ needs first.

Worry no more about where or when to meet your special friend for a discreet affair, with A Casual Fling, your quest is over!  Join today for a casual fling.